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Why Chose Us At

FairLaunch Pad

Our goal is for your project to succed at an affordable rate. We pride ourself with the happiness of our users and we can only make them happy if your project is successful.

Our Packages


With our basic plan, you would get your project listed on our pad and announcements would be made accross our social media accounts to inform  and prepare our fair launch hunters, this would be done using premium banners.

2.5 BNB

In addition to what we already offer in our basic plan, we would make external publications of your fair launch listing to targeted fair launch hunters outside our community. We would also create a giveaway events to get more eyes on your listing and give you the powerful launch you need.

4.5 BNB
Apply Using This Form
  1. Do you agree that any allocation for your team or other purposes must not be more than 10% of the total supply?
  2. Do you agree that the above allocation must be locked for a specific period. Teams allocation not more that 5% of supply and the remaining 5% for other purposes if needed?
  3. Do you agree that the remaining unallocated tokens from above must all be added to the liquidity pool and be locked in a time lock of at least 12 months?
  4. Do you agree that you need a minimum of $3000 to provide liquidity for your token before we can allow this fair launch to proceed?
Note that it must be in line with the agreement you made above
Please explain any special features of token here
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