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FairLaunch Pad

Bringing secure fair launch projects for you to get a sniper entry.

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about us

What is FairLaunch Pad?

The FairLaunch Pad is the first Fairlaunch platform that makes easy 5x – 100x acheivable in a secure way to fair launch hunters.

How do we make sure a Launch is Safe?


Project research

We research the project's use case including the developers. We finalize this with a video call where we dox the team using IDs they provide



We make sure teams allocation is not above 5% of total supply. Half of this allocation is locked for atleast 2months and the other half for atleast 5months.


Liquidity Size

We make sure the liquidity pool has a reasonable size of funds for the a proper fairlaunch to take place. This would allow easy flow of trasactions


Locked Liquidity

We make sure liquidity is locked for at least 1 year before we make the project available for you to buy.


Security & Audit

The token contract code is checked by our team of Devs and also audited by an external body whose report will be made live on our platform.


100% fair launch

We make sure the remaining of the token's total supply is added to the liquidity pool and locked before you buy. if there are other allocation, we make sure they are locked

Fairlaunch Participation Levels


0 $FLT
  • You get to participate in fairlauch events using the actual countdown


4,000,000 $FLT ~$30
  • Hold 4,000,000 $FLT
  • Connect FLT wallet on LaunchPad
  • Upon connection, 3 minutes is deducted from the launch countdown for you


40,000,000 $FLT ~$300
  • Hold 40,000,000 $FLT
  • (Free Airdrop) An amount from the launched token's supply would be distributed to you 3 - 5 days after launch
  • Connect FLT wallet on LaunchPad
  • Upon connection, 3 minutes is deducted from the launch countdown for you

FairLaunch Pad Token

Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022


The pad connects to your wallet to only get the wallet address which is then used to query the BSCscan API to know the balance of FLT in the wallet.

If you just bought FLT on pancakeswap, kindly allow upto 5 mins as that is approximately the time it takes BSCscan to update wallet balance via their API

Be at alert once the countdown is over, you would see 3 new information.

  • A buy button that opens a link to the DEX where you can buy the token 
  • A link in form of a text that u can easily copy and paste in the DApp section of your wallet.
  • The token contract address that can easily be added on a DEX like PancakSwap

If you see cancelled on a token listing, this means that the project did not comply with our safety rules which are to add 100% of total supply to the pool and to lock up liquidity for atleast 2 months.

If a token’s fair lauch is cancelled,we have saved you from loosing your funds, so be patient and wait for the next project.